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Allen Arant

Allen Arant and his wife, Lindsay, have been members at Riveroaks since 2018 and have four children. Allen is the franchised owner of two Chick-fil-A locations. He enjoys gardening, hunting and excising.


Josh Brink

Josh, a member of Riveroaks since 1983, is married to Lissa and has 4 children. He is a pediatric dentist at Brink and White Pediatric Dental Associates. He enjoys gardening, exercising at Iron Tribe, and rooting for the Grizzlies with his kids.


Pete Hansen

Pete and Sandy have been members at Riveroaks since 1998 and have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Pete is a pilot for FedEx Express.


Lee Robinson

Lee Robinson has been a member of Riveroaks since 1992. He is married to Vickie with three grown children and seven grandchildren. Lee retired from flying for FedEx in 2016.


Brad Harris

Brad Harris and his wife Kathy originally joined Riveroaks in 1977.  They moved out of town between 1980 and 1982 for additional dental training, and upon returning to Memphis, they rejoined the church.  Brad and Kathy have 4 children and 7 grandchildren with the eighth due in April, 2018.  Brad is an endodontist with Memphis Endodontics, PLC.


John Linn

John and Kathy have been members of Riveroaks since 1984. They have 7 children and 16 grandchildren. John's interests include choir, ballroom dancing, and gardening. He is also an eye surgeon.


Jim Newsom

Jim and Debra have been members of Riveroaks since 2007. They have three adult children and four grandchildren. Jim practices law with the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office. Debra is a retired pediatric nurse who worked at LeBonheur Children's Hospital. 


Brent Sheppard

Brent Sheppard, a member since 2002, is married to Emily and has 2 children. He is in business development/sales for American Express.

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