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"Question Everything"

Fellowship Hall

In our sanctification as believers, the Lord never leaves anything status quo. Such is the Gospel as Christ questions everything in our lives. In like manner, we must be constantly aligning our thoughts with Scripture. Many areas are not laid out explicitly in the Bible, but we can ponder all of life through the lens of a Christian framework. We will tackle such topics as fasting, schooling, retirement, etc. You might leave with more questions, but that's fine, too.


Teachers: Paul Vander Zwaag, Kyle Dillon, and Morgan Murphy

Romans, Chapters 8-16

Rooms 114-115

Join us as we continue in our study of what many believe to be the Apostle Paul's magnum opus. We will begin where we left off last summer with chapter 8 to see that God's righteousness is the believer's only basis for hope. We will consider God's righteousness in the history of the Jews and Gentiles [9-11] and how this righteousness is reflected in the lives of His people[12-16]


Teachers: Mark Brink

"Living Victoriously in Difficult Times" book study

Rooms 116

"Living Victoriously in Difficult Times" book study for all young women (college - mid-30s)


Teachers: Kathy McFatridge

Pastor's Class


This class is designed to acquaint visitors with the PCA and Riveroaks.


Teacher: Billy Spink

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Pastor's Class
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