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Fundamentals of the Reformed Faith

Room: 116

The Reformed Faith is much more than merely the doctrines of grace, as wonderful as they are. We will study the authority of scripture, the sovereignty of God, the will (free or not) covenantalism and other topics as well as grace


Teachers: Kyle Dillon, Jim Gibson

Single Women College & Career

Room: Library

Rooting Your Life in Christ, studies on identity/relationships.


Teachers: Kathy McFatridge

Ezra and Nehemiah

Room: 114-115

A study of the historical narratives of a second exodus that highlights God's fulfillment of His promised deliverance of Israel with His people's responses of worship/ prayer.


Teachers: Roger Vander Zwaag, Eddie Jacobs 

Pilgrim's Progress

Room: 117

After hearing contemporary complaints against the great creeds of the Church, one is shocked in turning to that most tender and most theological of books, Pilgrim's Progress of John Bunyan. Discover a theology that is pulsing with life in every word. In such theology there is life enough to set the whole world aglow.


Teachers: John Schultz, Zach Pennington

Pastor's Class


This class is designed to acquaint visitors with the PCA and Riveroaks.


Teacher: Billy Spink

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Pastor's Class
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