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Principles of Marriage (2023)

In this class, we discuss the beauty of God's design for marriage, and talk about practical applications of God's word to strengthen and enrich our marriages.

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The Westminster Confession (2023)

This confession faithfully summarizes the major doctrines and principles of Scripture, and does so in a concise manner using an amazing economy of language. A rotation of four teachers takes us through the Scriptures as we seek good gospel and doctrinal maturity.

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Cults and Heresies (2021)

What is a cult? What is a heresy? In this series, we will be surveying, evaluating, and critiquing various movements and organizations—some of which identify as Christian, and some do not—in an effort to defend the truth of the gospel against false teaching.

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The Gospel for Broken Minds (2019)

We are exploring the issues of mental illness, mental disability, and personality disorders, as well as the church's response.

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Doctrine of Scripture (2023)

This class defends the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura. We explore various topics related to the doctrine of Scripture, including sufficiency, inspiration, canon, and more.

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The Church (2022)

As Christians, we confess a God who is completely independent and self-sufficient. God could act entirely without our help if he wanted to, and yet he has chosen to accomplish his redemptive purposes on earth by means of his redeemed people, the Church. What does it mean to be the Church? What are its marks and attributes, and how should it be structured? What is its mission, and how does the church relate to the state and to the broader culture? Join us as we explore these questions together in our class on the Church.

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Engagement (2020)

What is the role of the church in engaging the culture? Is there a sacred/secular distinction? Should pastors ever preach politics from the pulpit? We will explore these and other related issues, seeking to provide a framework for understanding how Christians should engage an increasingly post-Christian society.

Burst of Light

The Historical Jesus

This series dives into how one would describe the historical Jesus to someone who has never heard of Christianity, and how a historical description of Jesus might differ from a theological description.

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Foundations (2023)

In this class, we study the roots of our faith by walking through different Scriptures to ensure that we never forget the rich treasures that are the fundamental aspects of our doctrine.

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The Voice of the Heart (2022)

An exploration of what the Bible says about human emotions, needs, and hope.

Light in the Sky

The Ordo Salutis (2019)

In this series, we are exploring the "order of salvation," the process by which a believer moves from wrath to glory. This includes the topics of election, regeneration, justification, sanctification, and more.

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What is Worship?

The heartbeat of a church is Worship. If our heartbeat is gone, our ministry is gone. This series breaks down why we do what we do when it comes to worship, and why this subject is so important.

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