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Minister John Piper famously said, "Missions exists because worship doesn't." We heartily agree and so mobilize our congregation to mission and to support mission work locally and globally.

Mission update from

Jeff & Katie Saunders

RUF, Tokyo

Last month, we asked all of you to join us in prayer for welcome week on campus, and we honestly could not have expected and are still having trouble believing the ways in which God blessed this ministry this month.

This photo was from our big Welcome Party at the end of two weeks of getting our name out to students. We spent hours (and got a lot of great help from our community) handing out flyers, holding impromptu English conversation, pulling people into Spikeball games, and sending out Instagram DMs. Even at the end of all that, we had no idea how many students would show up.

For reference, our total number of students over the last year has always been around 15 (due mostly to being restricted to only online promotion in the midst of the pandemic). And of those 15 students, only 6 of them were actually from our campus. Can you believe how many awesome students God brought to this welcome party?? We had 40 people in the end!!

Rob Callison and Kyle Dillon's Trip to India | July 2019

Rob Callison and Kyle Dillon's Trip to India | July 2019

Missions Conference

Every year, Riveroaks holds a Missions Conference in the spring to hear updates from missionaries about the areas in which they are serving.

Global Missions

The importance Riveroaks places on outreach through missionary support is evident by the fact that 20% of our budget goes toward their support. We currently are supporting 25 missionaries and their families around the world with our finances and prayer encouragement.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

As a ministry of the PCA, RUF holds to the core beliefs of historic Christianity which motivate a heart for God and love for the university. The purpose of RUF is to build a community on the college campus that reaches students of divergent beliefs and doubts with the message of the gospel and equips them to love and serve Jesus and His church.

Riveroaks is blessed to send many of our high school graduates to college campuses where RUF is strong. We are also blessed to see many of those same students grow to serve the Lord as part of RUF's staff. Riveroaks is committed to supporting the work of the ministers and staff on those campuses around us. (see

Mission to the World (MTW)

We want the gospel to spread throughout the world, the Church to grow, Satan's kingdom destroyed, and Christ's reign extended to the ends of the earth.

We are called to be obedient to the Great Commission by teaching people to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior, to be baptized, and to obey all that Jesus commands.

Mission to North America (MNA)

MNA Vision Statement:

Serving the Church to Advance God’s Kingdom


MNA: Serving the Church to Advance God’s Kingdom
…with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the Gospel. (Philippians 1:27)

OUR CALLING: MNA coordinates church planting and missional partnerships to serve PCA churches and presbyteries in North America in their mission to grow and multiply biblically healthy churches.

OUR VISION: That God, by His grace and for His own glory, will transform the PCA into a grassroots church planting culture.

Community Engagement

Would the community around Riveroaks notice if we moved or ceased to exist? This question -- and much more the command to love our neighbors as ourselves -- moves us to connect and serve in our community. Here are a few places we are seeking to give and receive:


  • The Village at Germantown

  • The Germantown Chamber of Commerce

  • The Germantown Council of Faith

  • Riverdale Middle School Bible Club

  • The National Day of Prayer

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