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The Ordo Salutis

We will be exploring the "order of salvation," the process by which a believer moves from wrath to glory. This will include the topics of election, regeneration, justification, sanctification, and more.

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Teacher: Kyle Dillon

Classroom: Fellowship Hall

Through the Bible

Join us as we continue our journey through the Bible by continuing Exodus-Joshua.


Teachers: Pete Hansen, Jim Newsom, Lee Robinson, and Roger Vander Zwaag

Classroom: Rms. 116-117

Fragrances of Grace for Women of Grace

Women of all ages are invited to this class which will feature personal testimonies, insights from God's Word, prayers for our covenant children, book reviews and more. Make plans to attend to meet new friends and get more intimately connected with old friends. Be encouraged and encourage others with the grace we share and celebrate.


Teacher: Marsha Spink

Classroom: Rm. 114-115

Pastor's Class


This class is designed to acquaint visitors with the PCA and Riveroaks.


Teacher: Billy Spink

Classroom: Parlor

Student Ministries Sunday School

(Top floor, Educ. Bldg.) Sr./Jr. Hi Students-large group: study & fellowship, music & teaching

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Pastor's Class
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