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Buddhist Monk Lighting Candles

Cults and Heresies

What is a cult? What is a heresy? In this series, we will be surveying, evaluating, and critiquing various movements and organizations—some of which identify as Christian, and some do not—in an effort to defend the truth of the gospel against false teaching.

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Teacher: Kyle Dillon


Classroom: Fellowship Hall

Cultural Engagement

What is the role of the church in engaging the culture? Is there a sacred/secular distinction? Should pastors ever preach politics from the pulpit? We will explore these and other related issues, seeking to provide a framework for understanding how Christians should engage an increasingly post-Christian society.

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Teacher: Kyle Dillon and Others

Classroom: Fellowship Hall

Ruth and I and II Samuel

Please join us as we study the period of Israel's movement out of the darkness of the era of the judges into a period of light during which Samuel was instrumental. See the Gospel with new eyes through a focus on the Old Testament.


Teacher: Dr. Paul Hess, Phil Hoekstra, and Lee Robinson

Classroom: Rooms 116-117

Experiencing God's Peace by Elizabeth George

Women of all ages are invited to study the book of Philippians and together we will learn how to make a difference where we are, overcome anxiety, be content, look to the needs of others, and trust God.

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Teacher: Kathy McFatridge

Classroom: Rooms 114-115

Student Ministries Sunday School

(Top floor, Educ. Bldg.) Sr./Jr. Hi Students-large group: study & fellowship, music & teaching

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