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The Historical Jesus

Is there a separation between the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith? How do we answer the challenges of modern skeptics and critics of the biblical view of Jesus? These and more questions will be addressed in this class.


Teacher: Pastor Kyle Dillon and Dr. Brad Harris

Classroom: Fellowship Hall

When Sinners Say "I Do"

Our fallen status impacts every aspect of marriage, from our view of God, to our view of our spouse, to how we see ourselves. We'll discuss how the Gospel addresses the problem of sin in our marriages.


Teachers: Jim and Robin Mobley

Classroom: Rm. 115

The Message of Creation

Join us as we begin a journey through the Bible (Genesis 1-12). The first leg of our trek sets up the themes of creation, fall, and redemption which resonate throughout all of scripture.


Teacher: Jim Gibson, Paul Hess, Phil Hoekstra, and Tod Stoner

Classroom: Rms. 116-117

Pastor's Class


This class is designed to acquaint visitors with the PCA and Riveroaks.


Teacher: Billy Spink

Classroom: Parlor

Growing in Wisdom and Faith

(Study on James) This class is open to women of ALL ages who seek to be "a woman after God's own heart." Join us to study God's Word and pray for each other.

Classroom: Rm. 114

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Pastor's Class
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