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Kevin Biggins

Kevin Biggins, a member since 2007, is married to Becky and has four children.  Kevin is a pilot for FedEx.

Phil Hoekstra


Dan Lacina

Dan Lacina, a member since 2002, is married to Stephanie and has 2 children. He works for Merck Animal Health. 

Joe Maliskas

Joe, a member since 2015, is married to Kim and has 2 adult sons and 5 grandchildren. He retired after a career with Coca-Cola.

Rowe Rhett

Rowe Rhett, a member since 1996, is married to Melinda and has 2 children and 6 grandchildren. He retired from industrial sales.

Lee Robinson

A member since 1992, Lee is married to Vickie with three children and seven grandchildren. He retired from FedEx in 2016.

Tim Swindell

Tim Swindell is married to Vita Swindell with one married daughter, Aynne Worthington. The Swindells came to Riveroaks in 2002. Since that time, God has blessed Tim with the opportunity to serve Riveroaks both as an Elder on the session and multiple terms in the diaconate. Riveroaks has proven to be an amazing place of ministry, growth, and service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Soli Deo Gloria!

Jones Warren


Kevin Windsor

Kevin Windsor, a member since 2016, is married to Ginny and has 1 child. He is the CFO of Memphis Athletic Ministries.

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